Is 5-IAI Safe?

5-Iodo-2-Aminoindane is a recreational drug that has been popular among drug users since about two decades ago. It was invented by Dr. David E. Nichols from Purdue University during a research that he carried out with his colleagues and it accidentally emerged in the grey market as recreational drug. This drug is popularly known as 5-IAI and it was initially used as a substitute for ecstasy. This drug gives its users similar effects to those of ecstasy, but its dangerous effects are less severe than those of ecstasy. It is even considered substantially less toxic than its corresponding amphetamine homologue pIA; however, because most users often re-dose after taking this drug and because they continuously increase its dosage, the danger that this drug poses is practically not less severe than that posed by ecstasy.

When taken, this drug stimulates the releasing of three neurotransmitters that may affect emotional states. Those three neurotransmitters are dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. Because one of the primary functions of those neurotransmitters is to improve mood and to cure depression, this drug is considered an effective remedy for people who frequently suffer inferiority complex. Nevertheless, its function as a drug for treating mental disorders has not been fully researched. Its more popular function is as a recreational drug and it is hardly recommended for curing mental disorders by doctors.

Available information about this drug is not very comprehensive. The most possible way to get this drug is by purchasing it online or from grey market and the only reliable source of information about this drug is anecdotal reports given by people who admittedly have ever used it, although their trustworthiness is not beyond a shadow of doubt. Although most of those reports tell about the drug’s mild and even negligible side effects, this drug is better to be avoided because its clinical test has not come into conclusion.